Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Scrooge and Planned Parenthood

Like Scrooge, Planned Parenthood
Would decrease the population;
An asinine idea of Malthus
(Another stupid Thomas, like
“The Doubter,” Don’t ya know!).
From the very limited view of a human,
“The planet” (say it with reverence!) seems
To have its limitations (You surely know!).
The sixth of seven children. 
(Hmm. Would he rather Mom aborted the last five?)
He died back in 1834 and the planet survives
With no end in sight apart from self destruction
Brought daily to the doors of families who “abort”
From the woman’s womb those gifts from God.
Yea, for two centuries since his prognostications
On go the families and the health of nations.
Wars and disease will always be with humanity
As long as sin survives to any degree.
And so as with the nations of long ago,
It will be our lot to bear troubles to and fro.

1150 on 3 Dec., 2021

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