Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Judge Mark Scuri

Well Judge Mark Scuri was a fag
And had to a job to do in the court.
Problem was he liked to support
Those folks who wanted to abort
Those babies secure in the womb.
Didn’t bother him to put ’em in a tomb;
He was regular liberal pro-aborter.
Could not have been much shorter
On ability to judge right from wrong;
Probably did some time with a bong.
Either way he will pay some Day
When he faces that Judge on high
Who will cast him right out of the sky
And send him right down to hell.
Won’t be time to rest or sit a spell
Yeah, he will be doin’ that long, long time
Like no one he ever sent to jail.
He won’t be smokin’ but be smoked
By those fire comin’ down ’round his head,
But he won’t find peace in bein’ dead.
That Death gonin’ on for an eternity.
Ain’t no place to be! Best repent!
Set the babies and those prisoners free.

1342 on 2 Sept., 2021

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