Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Holding Forth Relentlessly the Truth

We may well act condemnably
Toward those who are condemnable.
There really ought be no issue here,
But those delicate anti-theists
Who despise the rule of  Law
Can’t stand the notion that there is
But one way when Truth be told.
“Must there not be at least one other?”
They seem to shriek with fear that
‘Tmay be so: that Right is right
And Wrong is wrong. “Oh  no!
What a dread!  Let’s be dead!
We cannot have it so. 
There must be options more than two!
Right and Wrong!  This will not do!
Got to find a way to screw
Or have that extra drink!
O let us think . . .
To find another way that’s ‘true’,
We need another god or two.”
And so they hunt and scrape around
After a bone like a hungry hound.
Got to fund some way out!
Can’t nobody take it from me;
I savor that lust for company.
Can’t give up those things I want:
Friends and attention and fame.
And so the same go down in shame
Shrinking from the Word of truth
Holding themselves quite aloof
From those who speak it squarely
And hiding from duties fairly.

30 Aug., 2021 p.m.

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