Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Yeah, I Married a Wonderful Woman

I married a wonderful woman
Kind, with plenty of wit;
Compared to me . . . well,
She married a piece o’ shit.

Buys those groceries every week
And I just love to take a peak
At whatever she brings home to eat.
I get right down on my seat
And down those veggies and the meat;
Don’t matter whether cold or with heat

Yeah, she’s a lady, brave and true
Always got plenty to do:
Elder care and cleanin’ up doo.
And when she’s done, the day is through.

We play some cards and she usually wins
(I flounder like a fish with no fins),
Then off to sleep, downright tired,
But we pray for those kids we sired
(Can’t go off to sleep with out that!)
And thank God each one has a habitat.

And if there were nothing left to be done,
Well, we’d still be gettin’ that worship on!
He’s worthy of all our praise
Right to the end of our days.
He came down and took all our sin,
And fixed it all so we could win.

1405 on 16 Aug., 2021

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