Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

O Beautiful

To the tune of “America” (“O Beautiful for Spacious Skies . . .)

O Beautiful, you’ve lost the race
You’ve fallen far from grace
You’re high and dry while babies die
You don’t deserve this place
That land would vomit you right out
But for the grace of God
He’s done with you, your time is through
The next step is the rod!

But wait, there may be mercy yet
Some how He may still care
Though you are hardly worth a dime
There may yet still be time
You may repent, those clinics rent
Must burn them to the ground
You’ll save the day and find a way
For mercy to be found.

Now Ike, my boy, or Jonas, son
This need not be for you
The calls of God are plentiful
There’s much for you to do
Take a wife and have a life
Bring children to this world
Preach the Word to all the herd
His glory to unfurl.

To the tune of “America”
A.m. on 10 Aug., 2021

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