Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Masochistic Maskists

What is all this mask mania?  We think we can escape a judgment by means of masks?  Suck it up and die if that is the fate the Providence has ordained!   Otherwise, live with thanksgiving and enjoy His mercy. 

But do not deceive yourself by imagining the use of a mask will protect you from the righteous judgment which the Holy One has brought upon this wicked nation.  Many will die with or without a mask.  No one escapes the discipline of the Almighty.

It does seem that those surviving this judgment are missing the point when they occupy their attention with the advisory mask policies rather than the real issue: the sins of child slaughter (abortion) and sodomy for which our nation (and world) now endures a divine judgment. 

Best to spread the news of salvation by repentance.  The Holy One may well withdraw His Corona judgment as the people confess and repent from their sins. 

In vain to they “mask up” without addressing the sin-cause of the virus.

Stop the sodomy.  Stop the baby-butchering by abortion.

Get this straight and the Corona Judgment will go away along with the need for masks. 

3 August,  2021

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