Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Boastful Fool

Pity the woman in such desperation
As to kill her very own child,
That gift from heaven above
Wrought by God in that womb with love.
But may God damn the killer,
That abortionist – a truth contortionist,
Who tells her, “It’s all about choice!”
And boasts of giving her freedom a voice.
He’s a damned liar and he’ll fry;
As those he murdered, he will die!
But for him there will be no peace;
Pain and misery ever on the increase.
I keep on tellin’ it like it is;
Truth and Justice is my “biz.”
Want to keep pretendin’ nothin’s true?
God will say, “To hell with you!”
Got to wake up and get with the plan;
The redeemed of God must take a stand!

cir. noon on 19 June, 2021

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