Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Right Thinking on “Homelessness”

“Homeless” like “Godlessness” is a word in need of sound exposition.  If we were, for instance, to speak of “godlessness” as a term to be defined according to one’s personal definition of “god” then some sun worshipers might think of a cloudy day when they hear the term aspirated by popular expression.  But Godlessness, of course, references a life in conflict with the Law of God.  The person who flaunts the Big Ten – and goes about fornicating, stealing, cheating, lying, and blaspheming – may be properly called “Godless.”  He is one to be scorned as a damned God-hater, not a nobleman.

Homelessness may refer to the condition of a person who has suffered great calamity – from a fire, war, lawless rioting, or anarchy.  It is a lamentable and pitiable condition. But the term is inappropriately applied to the derelict (bum, jerk, loafer, sloth, fool, slacker, etc.  ) 

But such a pitiable person is not to be confused with the derelict. The latter has long been recognized as an irresponsible person lacking integrity and deserving of a proper shunning – not a handout. 

It is wickedness to call good, evil and evil, good.  It is asinine to extol folly and belittle calamity.  

Have done with such buffoonery. Discriminate between the derelict bum and the needy person.

18 June, 2021

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