Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Ohio Need Not Drift

Ohio need not drift along
Singing that D.C. song.
The feds don’t know what’s best
For the states and all the rest
Of the world as it drifts away
Following that old pagan way
About liberty and independence
From the Law of God. What nonsense!
Downright stupid, we must declare,
Turning your life into a nightmare!
Better stand strong for Right and Good.
You look our for your neighborhood.
Don’t trust in the foolish feds!
They will leave your souls dead.
Do what’s right, day and night.
Uphold the Law of God in the fight.
The Lord Jesus is King of the world!
And for His reign His blood was unfurled.

2000 on 9 June, 2021
(Inspired after enjoying John William’s “The Midway March”)

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