Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Gainful Endeavor

A gainful endeavor of some sort
Must be the goal of every day.
Onward with something useful to do
Service, study, a poem or two
Rising up with a zeal for whatever shakes out
He does the rattling and brings it about
Not talkin’ here about Dancer and Prancer
The LGA is calling the shots!
He reigns and rules and makes His own pace;
We obey and stay in the race.
It’s not Donner and Blizen pullin’ that sleigh
We press on pullin’ it day after day.
Yeah, we tow that sleigh all the way to the end
And meet that Maker, our Almighty friend.
He’s waiting there with hands upraised,
Those marks to see for all of our days.
So buck up and go ’til your time comes to die!
Don’t whine, cry, or even sigh.
He made you ready for life with out end
And, ’til then, he has places you to send.

A.m. on 7 June, 2021 (0755-0828)

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