Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Real Vermin Habitat

Got a VH across the street
Somethin’ you really gotta see:
A vermin habitat.
Let me tell you ’bout that;
Got squirrels goin’ in and out;
Shut doors and widows they flout!
They find holes here and there;
You see ’em jumpin’ into the air!
Yeah those tree rats are havin’ a time
Keepin’ me up with this rhyme.
Got to keep this man on the move
Watchin’ tree rats in the groove.
In and out, all about they go
Goin’ places I don’t know!
What a sight I get all day
Don’t have to go out and play.

To the tune of Neil Diamond’s “They Come to America”
0728 on 4 June 2021

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