Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Women in the Military

Reformation Lutheran Church
Anno Domini 2001

Position Statement: Women in the Military


The recent trend in our society to put women in combat roles in the name of equal rights is more of the same buffoonery that brought us child slaughter under the same principle. There is no benefit for the national defense in having women in combat. And it has been rightly said that a nation which sends its women to defend its citizens in war is not worth defending.


There is no justification in sending women into battle or in danger of capture when the presence such does harm to the cohesiveness of the warring unit, threatens the general effectiveness of the unit, and jeopardizes the general success of military operations. Military men, even in training, are demoralized by the fact that the overall strength of the unit is diminished by the knowledge that effectiveness is reduced by the relative physical weakness of the female sex. Not only are they unable to perform to the same standard as males the arduous tasks required by military actions, but this diminution of military effectiveness increases the risk of lost lives and national safety.

The fact is that a woman taken prisoner is much more vulnerable to the pressures of torture than males. Both the mental and physical torture of rape, impregnation, threats of harm to the offspring, etc. are conditions and means of coercion to which females are distinctively susceptible.

These truths have been obvious to all generation of the past. It is only the present vogue of sexual liberation and radical egalitarianism which has blinded contemporary minds to these truths. Modern buffoonery has chosen the personal ambitions, “rights” and personal thrills for women over national security.

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