Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

States’ Right to Execute Abortionists

Reformation Lutheran Church
Anno Domini 2001

States’ Right to Execute Abortionists



The ongoing slaughter of innocent womb children by both surgical and chemical means is the product of an opinion written by an ephemeral judicial tribunal; opinions of the Supreme Court are not law and ought not be respected as edicts from a dictator issued to abject subjects; our system of balance of powers bids the three to fulfill their respective roles as separate powers; all authority does not reside in one branch; in Roe, the Court usurped the power of the Legislature, and the Executive branch bowed to this arrogant act of tyranny.

Furthermore, whereas our federal system, as enunciated summarily in the Tenth Amendment, provides for the sovereignty of the states and the integrity of their respective law codes; the Amendment forbids the federal government from trespassing against the States’ provinces of authority, viz. all matters which are not specifically delegated to the federal government; the federal government, even with all three branches in concert, has no power to overrule the statutes of the States regarding abortion;

And whereas:

All governments are ordained by the God in whom our money says we trust; the same command which enjoins Christians to submit to civil authorities, bids those authorities to do justice (Romans 13:3-4; 1Peter 2:13,14); justice is not derived from the whimsical imaginings of justices, but from the Law of God. (We are to be guided by Moses, not Harry Blackmun.)

The following resolution is published:

We exhort the governors, legislatures, and civil authorities in all states in the name of the Lord of the nations to ignore the illegal pronouncements of the United States and govern with justice as you have been commissioned by God to do. Specifically, we call upon you to:

1. Free those prisoners in your prisons who have been prosecuted for defending the innocent.
2. Enforce your own laws which prohibit abortion, and close down the facilities of childslaughter.
3. Perfect your laws with the recognition that the killing of children in the womb is murder, a capital crime punishable by death; execute abortionists.

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