Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Feminist Heresy

Reformation Lutheran Church
Anno Domini 2001

Position Statement: The Feminist Heresy


Men and woman are not equal.

One of the great heresies of our time is the rejection of the biblical doctrine of hierarchy and distinction in sexual roles which God has ordained. Men are women are not equal. Our nation recognized this fact as late as the decade of the eighties of the past century when the feminist movement’s Equal Rights Amendment was rejected by the voting public. While women are properly granted most of the same civil rights as men, and enjoy the rights of due process, and while their testimony in court ought to be regarded as a lawful testimony, they do ought not necessarily share in the same civil rights such as property ownership, voting, or guaranteed parity of wages with males. These are matters which each state has the right, even under the U.S. Constitution, to decide for itself. This is freedom and liberty for Americans as state citizens.


Why ought an employer not have the right to choose to hire a male over a female and pay him more? May he not prefer the choice to invest in the male over the equally or even better qualified female as a worker more likely to remain a faithful employee? Might not the male applicant be less likely to marry, get pregnant and abandon the job? Is it not the right of the employer to decide for himself whom he would hire?

If God has ordained that men are to provide for and protect their families, why should the states with an interest in keeping God’s good order be denied the right to order social relationships as they see fit? The maintenance of such values was the intention of the founders of the nation when they wrote the Tenth Amendment; to wit:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the Stated, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

And just as the states are not prohibited from discriminating between the sexes as well as between right and wrong, neither ought we, who believe God’s Word, to follow in the folly of egalitarianism. Just as the states were permitted to pursue their own brand of established Christianity with particular “denominations” (“religions” in the parlance of the 18th century), so ought they be permitted to establish their own policies, grounded in doctrinal and religious principles, for discriminating between the sexes for the common good as they deem fitting.

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