Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Voter Fraud

On Voter Fraud (23 Nov., 2020)

“We have hundreds of affidavits from Americans all over the Country testifying under OATH to voting irregularities. It’s reported that vans, trash cans, and boxes full of ballots for Biden were brought in to be counted during the early morning hours without Republican poll watchers.”  So says my email received today (as on previous mornings). 

They are sent by the title “Rudy Giuliani Alerts, Evidence of Fraud”  and “Urgent Election Defense Alert.” 

The latest was received at 0824 on 23 November.  And if this proves to be true, the offense is a grave one.  It is nothing less than treason, a capital crime.  And if it is not properly prosecuted, our democratic system, which depends upon a reliable voting system, is seriously threatened.

The people, who have no respect for the concept of Law, especially the Law of God, rely instead upon the integrity of “the vote” and “the will of the people” rather than the will of God.  “Democracy” – don’t you know! 

Well, well.  When the Godless Dems (or an anarchist wing thereof) subvert the voting process, what can we expect but – anarchy and the fall of our system of government? 

When the chaos comes and anarchy prevails, a new power will settle the mess.  What will it be?  Will the Law of God, administered by means of a monarch or a committee or a congress, prevail?  Or will we descend into Godless, anthropocentric “democracy” administered by political hacks?

Execute traitors.  Restart.

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