Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Abortionist Shortage

Here follows an excerpt from the “National News” section of the Spring, 1999 issue of Capitol Area Christian News.  It references the excellent work of Mark Crutcher and Life Dynamics in documenting the growing shortage of “abortion providers” (for which we cannot avoid thanking the “dead-abortionist providers.”)  The trend has not altered up to the time of this reporting in August of 2011.

Super Documentation of the Shortage!

Get twenty pages of short excerpts and references on the shortage of borts!  It is an exhilarating read published by Life Dynamics, Inc., PO Box 2226, Denton, TX 76202.   Get Access: the Key to Pro-life Victory.

We shall offer a few quotes from abortionists, Planned Barrenhoods, NARALians, NOWists, and other sordid folk for you to savor.  (You’ll have to order Access– as you ought to – to get the documentation):

“America’s capacity to provide abortions is rapidly shrinking.  Today, 83 percent of the counties in the United States have no abortion provider.”

“Old people like me are going to be moving along.  We don’t have a lot of people to take our place.”

“It’s easy to isolate providers in Florida and to target them and because their margin of survival is so small . . . you can have a hope of wiping them out . . .”

“Keeping abortion legal is meaningless if doctors opt not to perform the procedure.”

“In South Dakota, only one doctor will perform abortions, and then only in a bullet-proof office.”

“This is a war [pro-lifers] could win without prevailing in a single court battle.  All they have to do is intimidate physicians into leaving their clinics and discourage medical students from entering the field in the first place.”

“Abortion has a stigma attached to it that is increasingly scaring doctors . . .”

“All providers are on the battle lines, on the front lines . . . and we are feeling so isolated, and so alone, and so vulnerable.  And I lock the door and walk out at night and think maybe I won’t go back tomorrow.  It’s just not worth it.  Maybe I just won’t go back.”

Amen.  Get this thrilling pamphlet, order pizza, and read it aloud to all your baby- and justice-loving friends!

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