Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Holocaust Deniers

Back in the days of WW II,  and following, there were those who denied that the murder of Jews actually took place!  What buffoons! What ignoramuses!  What liars!

Ah but the human condition – or the prevalence of the same kinds of people in the population – has not changed. We have those of the same mind today among citizens who deny that the killing of a little person – known as an “abortion” or “choice” or “woman’s right” – is a good or legitimate action!

Yes, there are those “deniers” who say that the child in the womb is not really there, or that he who has all the features and DNA and heart beat of a human is not really a “person” – and thereby worthy of protection. 

Such “deniers” (indeed) are really unworthy of any discussion.  They have stepped out of reality and have disqualified themselves from further consultation and deliberation.

So let it be over.  And let the holocaust be ended.  Blow ’em up.

14 Oct., 2020

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