Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Don’t Waste Your Life (Twelve Steps)

1. Be a good husband, father, grandfather (son, daughter, brother, sister, etc.)

2. Be a community servant or leader:  pursue justice and neighborhood improvement

3. Join the military or the police and protect your country and neighborhood

4. Rove your neighborhood and ask your neighbors what they need and how you can help

5. Provide a smaller level “day care” at your house for families in need

6. Picket, damage, or destroy your nearest abortuary

7. Serve on your church’s evangelism committee (evangelize them as necessary)

8.  Volunteer at your local CPC (“crisis pregnancy center” – as they were originally called)

9. Start a CPC if your town is without one

10. Be a good son or daughter (i.e. honor your parents)

11. Strengthen your local church.  Be connected to a small, weekly-in-home-meeting group

12. Make disciples

10 Sept., 2020

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