Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Trauma and Sweet Relief!

19 March, 2020

Sitting in the railroad car en route
To visit my cousin many years ago
About 19 and 20 I was struck
With an intestinal urge.
It was of course not the most
Prime of circumstances
As the quarters were rather close
And time was of the essence.
The pressure mounted and my eyes
Began to twitch left and right
And all about as if to find
Some possible solution.
Squirming around
Hitching back and forth
Here and there
Hoping to maneuver
To a position of relief
I finally found the spot.
Tilting myself to a side
An arm on an arm rest
And the other
Across the back rest
I hoisted myself
Mildly from the seat.
Relief was soothing but brief
As the pressure returned with a fury.
Oh what!
It might be that I must
Let ‘er slide out silently –
If not otherwise – unnoticed.
An audible expulsion
Could not be permitted.
So I let fly slowly
The gas not delightful
To those who would
Soon get a whiff.
They fell before me –
Their countenances – that is
As I grinned with relief and delight.
But soon we made merry
And amends came easy
As we shared in that
Ride on the rail.
The clacking and thumping
Was joined with humming.
Happy tunes we sang
What we could
And all understood
It was cover
For what was true.
Never again could we ride
With THAT friend. 

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