Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Virus

16 March, 2020

It is a plague, overdue.  Together with  “Yahweh worshipers” or “Jesus freaks” or Orthodox or  traditional Catholics or conservative Christians who are properly indignant over the national sins of abortion and sodomy and the general flouting of God and His Word, we say a hearty “Amen!”

O modern man, who thinks he knows it all!

Yes, our merciful Lord Jesus paid the price for our sins, but our holy God, the Father, who sent the Son, has not foreclosed on His holy duty to send His powerful Spirit to punish wicked nations.

How long He has allowed innocent blood to be shed in our ubiquitous abortuaries across the de-fruited “fruited plain”!  Oh those “family planners”!  And what “plans” they had for those innocents of the womb!  Damn them!

And the Almighty now damns a nation which has tolerated the baby-butchers for nigh on five decades.  Yeah, the shedding of innocent blood for 50 YEARS!

Imaginably, a sodomy-sympathetic false prophet might well turn a different “light” upon the matter and deem the plague a judgment upon a nation of “homo-phobes” and their associates. How, one might ask, is Joe-citizen to know the truth?

O fools! Believe the Scriptures! They have been validated repeatedly by the prophets with signs and wonders, not the least of which was the grand public resurrection of the Messiah right in the faces of the Romans and the Jews. The Scriptures direct us in the way we ought to live and provide us a standard and guide by which to evaluate such events and calamities (judgments).

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