Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Corona Plague

March, 2020

It is, of course, and thanks to a merciful Judge, long overdue.  For us Yahweh worshipers (or Jesus freaks, as more modernly known), who are indignant of the national sin of abortion (five decades long) and the general flouting of God’s Law, we say a robust, “Amen!” 

O modern man who thinks he knows it all!

Yes, our merciful Lord Jesus paid the price for our sins, but our holy God, the Father, who sent the Son, has not foreclosed on His holy duty to punish wicked nations.  Indeed, the nations which proudly and cavalierly spurn His decrees do earn the punishment which comes duly upon them.

How long He has allowed the shedding of innocent blood in our ubiquitous abortuaries across the fruited plain to go unpunished! 

O “family planners”! (Frauds!  Liars!  Murderers!)  What “plans” they had for those innocents of the womb!  O damn the planners!  And He is now damning a nation which has tolerated them for nigh on FIVE decades.  50 years of bloodshed!

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