Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Not So Orthodox

September, 2000

Not So Orthodox

The Veep’s choice, Senator Lieberman, is hailed as an “Orthodox Jew.” He conscientiously keeps the Sabbath evidenced by his abstention from the use of cars and lights from Friday night to Saturday night. High also on his resume is his expressed indignation over the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Lieberman rebuked the Great Prevaricator, our Fornicator in Chief, for his adulteries and his lies (though he declined to vote his conscience, falling lock-step in line with his party and signaling “not guilty” when it came time to vote for the ouster of the nation-disgracing President).

So what is “Orthodox”?

Quite literally, it is “right teaching” or “right doctrine.” (Some stiff ideas in this flexible age of Relativism.)

Which “teaching”? The Law handed down by God to Moses. He is the one whom historic and Orthodox Jews believed to be a prophet who was inspired by God to write the Law, including the Sabbath regulations.

And what is the “right” teaching on the issues relevant to the current American scene? What have the rabbis said about, say, sodomy and abortion? Any congruity between the Mishna and the Talmud on the one hand and Senator Lieberman on the other?

No. The rabbis agree with the general ethical teachings of Moses which include this sanction: “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their blood-guiltiness is upon them” (Leviticus 20:13). Who knows if Senator Lieberman agrees with Moses and the rabbis. Where it counts – in the political arena – he agrees with Bill Clinton. He says yes to infanticide (partial-birth abortion) and yes to sodomite rights.

What relevance, then, does “Orthodoxy” have as conveyed to us via candidate Lieberman?

None, if civil laws are to be separated from religion. No religious principles can be brought to bear upon civil laws according to contemporary renditions of the First Amendment. The body politic must be eviscerated of religion. The two ought never to have been connected. God and State each have a place and never more shall the twain meet.

Senator Lieberman, a Jew, like Clinton-Gore, Christians, does not believe that the Laws of either Moses or Jesus have any application to the civil realm. This is the plague which besets our society. Unlike the founders, modern politicians – both Christian and Jew – think that the Laws of God have no place in the civil order!

Pray tell, what laws do apply? Our culture developed out of the legal assumption that civil laws were derived from, if not equivalent to, divine Laws (read the 17th colonial constitutions and the references directly to Moses and passages in the Pentateuch as the basis for various laws against adultery, sodomy, and murder). Having cut our moorings to revealed Truth – to, specifically, the Commandments – we drift, dependent upon whimsical edicts from the nine robed oracles of the High Court to determine right from wrong. We have allowed ourselves to become subject to these divinities rather than the God in whom we once trusted.

A man seeking to lead his fellow citizens in truth and justice must believe that there are standards of Truth and Justice which, like Law, apply to all and restrain all. He must believe in “inalienable rights” which are given by the God in whom our money says we trust.

Would that Senator Lieberman would apply his Orthodoxy. We could do better as a City of David than as a City of Gomorrah.

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