Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Damnable Self-Condemnation

24 Nov., 2019

We don’t forgive ourselves.   This is false teaching driven by an error in doctrine.  God is the Maker and Judge of us.  He is the Savior and the Forgiver.  We don’t “forgive ourselves.”  We confess our sins against Him and receive from Him forgiveness.  He is the offended One.  We are the lowly offenders.

Self-condemnation is a form of idolatry by which the presumptuous sinner regards his own laws and judgments to be superior to those of God himself.  The sinner, thus, presumes to make his own self-evaluations of a higher status than those of God Almighty!  What God has may have forgiven, he, apparently, may still condemn, overriding the very judgment of God!

This self-condemnation and self-forgiveness is a form of idolatry.  It is a feature of modern psychology which affirms a believe neither in a soul nor a God who created it.

To refuse to forgive him whom God has forgiven is damnable, blasphemous heresy.  Who is he who refuses to forgive him whom God Almighty Himself has forgiven?

What does such a presumptuous blasphemer think himself to be?  A free-lance, self-made Pope?  A supplanter of all ethics sages?

Whence comes this exhortation – this instruction – to “forgive yourself”? 

God is the One offended by our sin.  And He, by great and mighty deeds – viz., the sacrifice by the Almighty of Himself –  has provided the means of forgiveness.  On the basis of and through the work of the Son, He has provided the way to forgiveness and reconciliation not only one sinner with another but any and all sinners with Himself! 

Who, then, is anyone who would presume himself to be a greater reconciler with whom we must seek restoration?   Our SELVES?  We appease ourselves? Oh, methinks, such thinkers think too much of themselves!

“Forgive yourself”?  Whence cometh this false doctrine?  God is the Offended One.  He does the forgiving. We do the confessing. He is the Forgiver; we are the offenders.

There are certainly offenses between sinners. We are, indeed, offended by others when they curse us or blaspheme God.  For our part,  we forgive upon their confession.  God may forgive us, as He chooses, upon our confession and repentance, according to His will.

When others are rightfully offended by us, our duty is to confess our sis and to reconciled. 

We forgive one another.   God forgives us all!

But we do not “forgive yourselves” because you (or we) are not the offended ones;  we are the OFFENDERS!  God is the one rightfully and truly offended.

We are the damned ones in need of forgiveness!

Away with this “Forgive Yourself” heresy!

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