Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Demabortic Party and its Christian Tolerators

15 April, 2019

So how is it that this party continues to survive in our country as one of  the alternatives of the two-party system?  How are they of the Democratic Party not completely de-legitimized, cast aside, and replaced by an alternative option for a civilized American electorate?

Actually, the name, ironically, signifies their own demise.  Rule by “the people” rather than the Law (ethics, truth, justice) of God.   This Lawless party has become a murderous people-aborting party.  Indeed, it destroys its own electorate, its own citizenry.  Those of the Demabortic Party are truly the party of suicide.

Abandon them, Americans!  Excrete them from the body politic and find a new party which vies for truth and justice more honestly and thoroughly than does the GOP.  But don’t waste the time of The People by continuing with this decadent political organization as it is.

Think of the blind buffoonery of this association of political operatives.  They cannot discriminate between a “blob of tissue” and a human being in the womb.   They would submit themselves to lies and deception as they are blown about by the latest winds of mindless, immoral fads.  

“Tissue!” they call the child in the womb.   And “love,” they call sodomy and even crown such relationships with the glory of holy matrimony!

How does such decadence continue to find an ear among the citizenry?  It must be that a good number of the citizens are likewise debased, corrupted, perverted!  Sin is evidently alive and well in the hearts of Americans!  Imagine that.  Paul, that Apostle of old, spoke truly when he said, “they call evil good and good evil.”  Indeed, he quotes the voice of mankind confessing his psychological condition:  “I do the very thing I do not want . . . so now, no longer am I the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me . . . Wretched man that I am” (Romans 7:20-24).

Do we, 21st Century illuminated ones, look down upon those Confederates of yore?  Do we wonder at those simple-minded racists who overlooked the humanity of the black man?   And do we think we are so prettily situated above those tawdry simpletons of that by-gone era of ignorant racism? 

Oh stupid, ignorant, Lawless, pagan Democrats!  How long will you tolerate the butchering of innocents in your neighborhoods and by your tax dollars?  Does Planned Parenthood get your money?  Are “reproductive health clinics” providing “access” for women to “take care” of those millions of “problem preganancies”?  Do such facilities exist in your neighborhood?  Your county?  State?  Nation?  Are you part of such a society?  Are you a participating Holocaustian?

Is the Demabortic party a legitimate political organization in your community?  Does it operate with no objection?  No scorn?  No shunning by churches and citizen organizations?  Does your local Demabortic party operate with your silent aprobation?  How can such a political organization survive in the midst of Christians whose brains and spirits are yet alive?

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