Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Biographical Correction

9 April, 2019

One reads the following post at fampeople.com regarding my high school girl friend, Kathy Epstein, now known as Kathie Lee Gifford:

During her senior year at high school she dated and went to the prom with Michael Bray (who later became an anti-abortion activist convicted for acts of terrorism) Juergensmeyer, M., “Soldiers for Christ,” Terror in the Mind of God, p. 22 After high school graduation, Gifford attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, studying drama and music.

Indeed, retiring from her TV career, Kathie Lee was featured in various news reports recently.  She leaves the lime light for other adventures and I trust that the Lord will bless her and keep her under His good care.

But no. It was not “acts of terrorism” with which I was charged or convicted. Those are the slanderous terms which the pro-aborts regularly use. Rather, there were various charges of “illegal use of explosives,” “arson,”  and “vandalism.”  It is the pro-abort lefties who like to slander such deeds with terms like “terrorism” because they are themselves terrorized by their own consciences which convict them of the sin of tolerating and advocating child-murder by “abortion.”

Now that is some genuine and disgusting terrorism – of women and their children!

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