Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Homeless, the Hobos, and the Bums

8 February, 2019

The first is a class of people who, despite efforts to do right and live responsibly, have suffered the fate of deprivation and stand in need of shelter. They suffer the from of whims of Fate, or the will of God.

The second is that class of people which happily chooses to live the carefree life and bear the consequences of that chosen life, liberated from the burden of responsibility that accompanies productivity and commitment to community with its attendant reciprocal duties and responsibilities.  They choose to live an easy life free from too much labor and too much money.

The third is that group which delights in self-indulgence, sloth, and indigence.  Not independent, the bum calls upon the beneficence of fools and suckers who dole out obligingly their goods to rid themselves of the bum’s importunities and, perhaps, their own guilt – however misapprehended.   He chooses to indulge himself in sloth and refuses to abide by the consequences.  He indulges himself in shameless petitioning of those who presumably have something more than he purports to possess. 

Whom shall we, the people, help?  Who ought to receive the benefits of the people’s beneficence (or may we say that which is taken from the people by the government and dispersed by some foggy principle of mercy)?  Let us certainly discriminate between the third group and the other two.   Justice requires that the third class of humanity (or do-gooders on their behalf of said class)  not be permitted to abuse the rest of the citizenry. There is no obligation on the part of the tax paying citizens to pay out beneficence to that class.  Indeed, there is a duty on the part of those in power to refrain from rewarding such dereliction and abuse of the commonweal by such malefactors.

Let then matters of altruism, beneficence, humanitarianism, and Christian charity be freely carried out by citizens according to the dictates of their own consciences and religious principles.   Let the citizenry be unburdened by misguided taxation so that the people may freely extend their kind intentions according to their own good judgment.  

Some citizens may like to bless hobos in the same way that a fool offers free food to a glutton.  Such choices may be freely made as we allow fools to do what they wish with their money, even if they wish to flush it down the toilet.

Most citizens, given the choice, would elect their beneficence to go to someone who has suffered a tragedy, especially one outside of his control. 

How about the feds give the people their money back and let them make those choices for themselves?  (Imagine that!)   Thus may we enjoy reduced taxes, help our homeless, select our own hobos – or not.   And thus, may we cease supporting the bums. 

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