Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wilmington “Social Activist”

RE: “Christian Social Activist Speaks in Wilmington About Walls and People

28 Jan., 2019

Shane Claiborne calls for defiance, civil disobedience.  He appeals to the Scriptures as his authority (ostensibly), declaring the Law of God above the civil authorities. 

Hmm.  I am familiar with the concept:  that law, true law, comes from God.   And all human law is rightfully judged by His Law. 

So, Shane, which Law of God is violated by the wall building? 

Don’t know.  Which leaves us to suppose that he is the authority who would “tear down the walls” which our government would build to protect its borders.

In many cases borders between nations are protected by large water ways or impassable (or, at least, formidable) mountain ranges.   When such natural barriers are missing and citizenship is violated and invaded, other measures are required to protect citizens from those who would usurp the rights and privileges of citizenship.  Theft is the issue.  Do we oppose theft?  Do we protect ourselves from thieves? 

When the government awakens and attempts to strengthen its border security, on what authority would Clairborne defy such lawful actions?

I do not speak as one who believes that the laws or nations are infallible or never beyond  justified defiance.  (My record is clear on the matter.)  And I defy a government’s unjust actions per the example of manstealing in connection with the 19th century defiance of slave trading in America.   I support full and forceful defiance of manstealing and the subsequent trading in the same. 

And today, I support full defiance of child-murder, a.k.a. “abortion,” by any means necessary. 

Folks of my persuasion, whether of the forceful or peaceful variety, have not been featured as hospitably by the WNJ as has this “social activist.”  And, granted, we have no abortuaries to protest in Wilmington – thanks be to God – but we do have lives being saved daily at the local New Life Clinic.  Plenty of news, good and bad, there to report!

But neither have we a wall in Wilmington keeping Mexicans out.  (I love dining at local restaurants.)   So why are we treated to a “social activist” call to support those violating our Mexican border over there in Texas?


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