Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Popularity of Abortionist Terminators

9 August 2011

The following note to a writer with the Buffalo News was in response to an article he wrote which listed a number of activists who condemned the killing of Abortionist Bernard Slepian. It was sent by email on 21 Nov., 2002 to Lou Michel at the following address: lmichel@buffnews.com

Hello Lou!

Good work on your accurate report, but it was no pleasure reading the lineup of scorners of the abortionist terminator. I believe that condemnation of such a killing to be inspired by good intentions but foolish judgment. Take Joe Roach, for example. Here is a fine fellow, who has attended my White Rose Banquet. One would suspect that he has some sympathies for the use of force and may even justify it. But somehow, when faced with the news of such a deed when it is communicated in terms akin to “cold blooded murder by a sniper” and the like, an overwhelming number of approvers of the use of defensive action for womb children either clam up or flitter into a fit of irrational chirping.

I remember a poll taken in the wake of Paul Hill’s shooting of the Pensacola abortionist and his body guard. 3% of the general population polled supported the use of lethal force to defend unborn children. (The real figures on the number of homosexuals in the country is a mere 2 1/2 percent). In fact, then, the number of Americans who supported Hill’s action when it was a new concept was greater than the number of homosexuals in the country. (The latter group may seem larger, but they have a voice and use it, in contrast to the womb children and their shy supporters.)

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