Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

That Resurrection for Those Who Hope in Him

Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus (a.k.a. Tertullian), the late second century church father, says:

The worshippers of God will be with God forever, clothed with the proper substance of eternity (“resurrection flesh”); but the profane and all who are not wholly devoted to God, in the punishment of fire which is just as eternal. (Apologeticus, 48)

Where are you going?  How?  And why?

What will you be wearing?  Got the right clothes for the trip?  Got some righteous robes?  What will look good on you?  Will it fit you?

I wanna be wrapped in “resurrection flesh” – that kind that doesn’t wear out.  Yeah.  I want that stuff.  Never cared too much about it as I was pressing on to do His will.  Too busy trying to advance the Kingdom to stop and think about the “new garments.”  But the time draws near.  And I am reading a fellow from long ago, Quint Tertullian.  Maybe we American Christians will call this brother “Turtle” up there.

Thanks, Quintus!  See ya up there soon.

-MBray, 10 Dec., 2018 Anno Domini

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