Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

  Shrink the Size of the Federal Government!

19 June, 2018

The Hiterly conspiracy to collude with Russia to undermine the Trump campaign comes as no surprise.   And this is not just because Hitlery is a base pro-abort, -sodomite Clintonite.   Conspiracies happen as an expression of that “power that corrupts.”

But power especially magnifies the corruption of those whose bent toward evil is unabated by the Law.  The wisdom of Joe Sobran, in his relentless call for small government penned 20 years ago, shouts forth from the grave as follows:

We know that several presidents have used the FBI and IRS against their opposition. But we don’t know how many times this has happened without coming to light even many years after the fact. Such things may remain  permanently hidden from the most diligent historians. Just as we have no way of calculating how many crimes go undetected and unpunished, we can only guess how large a part blackmail plays in politics.

As long as there is sin, there will be blackmail. No reform can get rid of it. It can take many forms, not all of them illegal or provable in court. And it will always remain a hidden factor. This means that we can never completely know who controls our nominal rulers.

There is no real solution, but there is a corrective. The weaker the government, the less impact crime, corruption, and blackmail within the government can have on the rest of us.

Men in power are more criminal than people in general, not only because power corrupts but also because most people who seek power are already corrupt. This being so, the danger of blackmail is one more reason to limit the power of government. (Universal Press Syndicate April 2, 1998).

Yes, the Law, indeed the Law of God, invigorated with the power of the Gospel, is the ideal.   That is the recipe for real “reformation,” “renewal,” and the “right track.”   The Republic needs to be reconstructed, whether from the top down or, as necessary, from the bottom up, state by state.  And the basis for justice and the foundation for morality is the Law given to humanity by God.

In the meantime and as long as the people refuse government its proper Head and Foundation, let it be small so it can do the least harm.


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