Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Wicked Witch of West “Retires”

Cecile Richards, the “CEO” of the greatest blood-shedding organization of last century and the present one, has decided to resign.  That is the big news from “Planned Parenthood,” the Nazi-like rulers of the contemporary Holocaust.   The announcement came in January, a month after the Department of Justice revealed its investigation into the abortion chain’s involvement in the illegal selling of baby parts.

Her offspring, one Lily Adams, “tweeted” concerning her mother according to LifeNews.com’s Micaiah Bilger (30 April, 2018): “It’s impossible to express what this org has meant to her & our family. . .”  Indeed, Planned Parenthood made the Richards quite rich with all that blood money.  A “fearless leader” her daughter called her blood-rich mother.

O Hell, don’t freeze over!  We need you to swallow up such fiends as these!

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