Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

U(P)SA and Sanctuary Cities

How might our United (Pagan) States of America resist continued paganization?

How about by means of “Sanctuary Cities”? And, let it begin with Wilmington, Ohio.

For how many generations have parents taught their children by means of a simple principle:  Do the right thing?   And there was always an unequivocal reply to the child who would do wrong, and offer this excuse:  “Johnny made me do it!”  Such an excuse was  intolerable and was rewarded with utter rejection, if not a spanking.  Uh, uh!  No way.  No blame-shifting.  No excuses. Do the right thing!

That was the way it was.

Nowadays we blame-shift to another Johnny, a.k.a. as Uncle Sam.  It goes something like this:  “Uncle Sam made me tolerate baby murder in my neighborhood!  I could not save the innocent ones!  Uncle Sam made me do it!  He made me allow them to die!”

Ah, but the charge to “do the right thing” is given not just to the Individual.  It goes to the community.  Our Lord speaks to the community and holds it responsible so that even those “righteous” who did not fall into the behavior of the majority suffer under the judgment that comes upon the whole community.  “The rain falls upon the just and the unjust,” say the Scriptures.  Indeed, He is the judge of nations as well as singular persons.

We are to be judged in real time as citizens as well as individuals.  It behooves us, then, to take stock of our nationhood and our zeal to involve ourselves in civil justice, viz., law.

And yet, how poorly we have practiced this principle in response to our big brother government which has acted like a big bad brother in abandoning basic principles of right and wrong:  indeed,  the decriminalization of murder;  the establishment of the neo-pagan principle butchering one’s children in the name of “choice,”  and the more recent toleration of sodomy and the blasphemous solemnization of sodomy by putting it on a legal par with holy matrimony! (SCOTUS, 2015.  Libertinism gone to seed, indeed!)

What holds a nation together?  Documents?  Pledges of allegiance from citizens?  Police power?  A conscientious commitment to a preference for Peace and Good Order?  Is a state a “nation”?  Is a “united states” a state?  Is what call a county a “state” or a “nation”?

The salient point in considering civil authorities and political entities, is that God will judge them all singularly and corporately:  persons  as singular persons, towns as towns, cities as cities, states as states.  And, in fact, it is He who sustains and judges all nations in real time (Rev. 2:26; 7:9; Matt. 25:32; Mark 13:8; etc.).  And if this true we hold, as Christians, why do we defer to the pagan view that all the gods out there are equal and worthy of tolerance and respect?

That may well be the proper view of an American.  But it is not the proper view of a Christian.  It is the view of an agnostic, perhaps.  And if we don’t know, let it be suggested that the United (Pagan) States of American may rightfully dis-unite into the un-United States of America or some other collection of disaffected groups which, in turn, may or may or may not find unity with new groups of states by some other binding principle.   When the foundation is gone, a new one may be laid.

Again, by what authority do nations rule and by what authority may they be overthrown?

Why has a nation, founded upon the ideal principles of a republic grounded in Biblical ethics, drifted so far away from its foundation?  Perhaps because it was not well grounded.  Indeed, by its indefinite references to the “deity” and an alliance between deists and Christians, the founders formed a national government.  And in its very foundation were the signs of its demise.  It lacked the Rock of Revelation, the Truth.  The People preferred security of numbers and the prospect of protection from others by means of an alliance which excluded fidelity to God and His Law.  Justice was desired but the preferred security of unity in numbers prevailed.

As we disintegrate nationally, perhaps by the upheaval of some economic chaos, the smaller jurisdictions will  have the opportunity to reconsider their allegiances.  And they may consider in advance the undue respect given a Godless, immoral federal government.  We the people have tolerated baby butchering across the fruited plain for 44 years!   How can this have been?  Why have we been so blasphemously mesmerized for so long? And where might a solution begin?  Consider the buffoonery of a people to blame their participation in folly upon the leadership of the larger government.  The glory of a big population  and the security of numbers.

For those who value Truth and Justice above numbers and security, there is some revolutionary thinking to be done. We would suggest and hope that such a principle as Truth and Revelation be selected,  even that forgotten Lord and the Scriptures which He authorized.   And let local jurisdiction embrace the Truth and advocate for it.

Going Local, rather than National

Why, for example,  must my fair city of Wilmington be captive to the buffoonery of a tyrannical SCOTUS?   Similarly, why are the opinions of SCOTUS elevated above the POTUS?  Did not the people of the nation put POTUS in power by their freedom and will expressed in the ballot?  And why, moreover, ought SCOTUS, be elevated above Congress as well as POTUS?

Even still, as SCOTUS and POTUS and Congress vie against the Law of God, the people are always within their solemn rights under God and our own Constitution to disobey and overthrow them, even as our very founding documents affirm.  But how shall it come about?  What is the minimum jurisdiction level where justice may be advocated and secured?  And what measure of urgency is necessary to motivate citizens to demand justice at those lower jurisdiction levels? (How much blood?  Or is it: Whose blood?  Is it only the blood of ex-utero folks that bothers us?)   If the people, as a nation known collectively as the United States, refuse to overthrow or disobey unjust decrees, what are the rights and duties of the various states, as particular states to disobey independent of one another?  And if the states refuse to tend to justice – derelict as they are, subsequent to the Civil War, to resist the feds – what about counties and cities?  Consider, then, another approach to the mess?

Let a reformation be initiated with the smallest of jurisdictions, the perimeters of the big cities, and from there proceed inward toward the larger cities of a state.   How about sanctuary cities for the children in the womb who are in need of protection from that threat imposed by those ubiquitous abortuaries?  If a city does not wish to allow abortionists to set up their chop shops in its jurisdiction,  has it the freedom to outlaw them?  May it declare itself a Sanctuary City for children in the womb?

It seems those on “the Left” are always pushing these legitimate questions – of “freedom” – way ahead of those on “the Right” even though the latter have more grounds for the claim of radical urgency to action;  to wit, the violation by cities of federal immigration laws.  In this case, cities defy both state and federal authorities with impunity.

Huh?  Why are the feds so lenient toward  those cities which violate legitimate law that served to protect a nation’s borders?  Contrast this tolerance with their intolerance of and retaliation against anti-abortionists who violated that illegitimate, immoral, and  fraudulent “opinion” (a.k.a. Roe v. Wade) which permitted child slaughter?

Upon consideration of the connection which ought to be made between sanctuary cities and the abodes of unborn babies, I looked around to see who else might have noted the comparison.  Lo and behold,  and I saw that famous country singer Charlie Daniels had voiced the same idea back in March, 2017:

“How about some cities declaring themselves a sanctuary for the unborn and refuse to abide by the federal laws allowing abortion?” he asked. [See Life News:


Indeed, how about it?

A Sanctuary City!

Not surprisingly, folks on the Left had taken up the same notion in the opposite – perverted, of course –  direction!  They attempted to push abortion rights further in those places where there might be the slightest restrictions upon the precious right to murder innocent babies.  Sanctuary cities, you may recall, were advocated as places to which women could flee in order to “procure abortion services.”  Yes, they were prohibited in some oppressive places in America from slaughter their children in the latter weeks of gestation (God forbid that women can’t kill a baby at any age!).

My oh my but these heathen are zealous in pursuit of  doing evil.  Just can’t get enough of that blood shedding!  But, on the other hand,  we advocates for these womb children may be a bit slow on the up swing.

Why wait upon the feds or even the states, slow as they are and ever harassed by SCOTUS?   Let cities do the right thing and set the example for the counties, the states, the nation, and the world.  Justice begins at home and spreads to the towns and cities and nations.   Buck up and get your house and neighborhood in order.  Declare the Truth and seek Justice in your own neighborhood.  Outlaw evil, even the Lawless laws of the feds, in your own neighborhood.  Declare your city a sanctuary city where no abortions will be permitted.  Let the people guard the gaits and disallow anyone from setting up shop to butcher babies in Abortion Free Sanctuary Cities.    Down with the United Pagan States of America and up with the old Constitutional United States of America under God and His Law.

I like my town.  And I like it free from the shedding of innocent blood.  Wilmington, stay free and stand for the children.  No innocent blood in your streets.

It is worth fighting for.


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