Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A New Center on the Abortion “Issue”

Michael Bray
10 March, 2016

So who is the “Right Winger” and who the “Leftist”?

And just where do Christians want to be on that spectrum? Abortion is the lingering topic that just won’t go away.  It has been a generation, more than forty years, since the holocaust was thrust upon America by decree of the U.S. Supremes.

How about a fresh look?

Perhaps we don’t pray properly. Do we pray like this? “Lord keep us from ever being on the edge.  Keep us in the middle!  Keep us as ‘moderates.’  If the world perceives us as ‘extremists,’ we won’t be able to evangelize people and bring them the good news of life in the Savior, who accomplished all for us.

Such is the impression I have of the American Christianity. And one might well say that my impression is a misprint.  So I shall here make an effort to give clear definition for those terms and suggest the proper content of the anti-abortion spectrum.

Let us define “center” as that which is the ethical ideal, even the “Biblical norm.” Let “left” be the failure to act upon the norm: the sin of omission.   And let “right” be the active violation of the norm; action taken beyond what is necessary and efficacious. How then do we label the various actions taken by Christians in response to the abortion holocaust and its widespread and lingering presence in our society?

The “Centrist” or moderate faces the fact of murder in his neighborhood and rescues or approves those who rescue the innocents directly by any means necessary. Blockades, breaking and entering, bombings, shootings, and kidnapping for the immediate goal of rescue of innocents is Lawful. He engages in such or approves those who do.  He does not deny or reject those who so Lawfully act.

The “Leftist” takes a more ethereal approach with foggy philosophical doubts about the humanity of the ones being murdered or the urgency of their need for protection. His approach, then, takes the form of  voting for the “right candidate” (the least abortion-favoring),  lobbying for the same, and  supporting Crisis Pregnancy Center alternatives.  (Are not the Centers “prochoice” when, after counseling their clients, they allow them to continue with their declared intention to kill their babies and even without telling the fathers of those children?)

The “Right Winger” emphasizes the physical world and holds it to be the one certain reality to be held in highest priority. He shoots or burns down pro-abortion churches, the houses of politicians, and terrorizes pro-abortion newspaper editors.  He has no tolerance for the divine “giving over of nations” to their murderous idolatries.  He would take up the Law and justice with no recognition or patience for divine Sovereignty or Providence.

I have always been a Centrist, so defined. And I expect to keep my cool and continue as such.  Accordingly, I pray: Lord make us “moderates” – not so cool (“leftist” as most of us have been) and not too hot (as so few have been).

As to what your contemporary run-of-the-mill modern pagan thinks, What does it matter? God’s people need to get their doctrine and practice in order and advance His Kingdom.  Abandon the extremes.  Move to the Center.

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