Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Public Declaration on Sodomy

A Public Declaration from the Churches of God To the Community On Sodomy and the Desecration of Holy Matrimony

Recommended by Michael Bray,  23 October, 2015

We were taught as children and then did teach our own children not to follow the crowd and do foolish things just because “everyone else” was doing them.   So now, it appears that a naive citizenry, led by various rulers and magistrates, is doing or tolerating whatever the Supreme Court says is lawful.  Indeed, there are patently evil (Lawless) deeds, which the Court now declares to be good. “The Court” says  that we – as a people – must tolerate (give our blessing or, at least, tacit respect to)  not only sodomy, but the legal sanctification and glorification of the same – endowing it with the majesty of holy matrimony.  We are expected to do something immoral – tolerate evil – because the Court decreed it and, apparently, everyone else is doing it.  We are expected, as good “law abiding Christians,” to tolerate the legalization of  lawlessness – of crime- as if  law had no meaning. If we in Wilmington cannot ride to D.C., walk to the Supreme Court, drag the villains out of their chairs of authority and treat them to a tar and feathering, let us at least defy them in our towns, villages, and cities.  We ought  not tolerate the villainous deed known from ages past as sodomy.  Much less ought we solemnize the same as marriage and thus defile that very institution which we hold to be holy and ordained by a holy God.  We say with Isaiah, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil!” (see 5:20). The faithful Churches of Wilmington, therefore, denounce this villainy and bid the Court to recant.  And if the Court will not repent let it  be dismissed as a rogue institution whose rulings must hereafter be properly treated as blasphemous babblings to be  trampled under foot. Accordingly, we advise our local magistrates – City Council, County Commissioners, Mayor, judges, police, as follows: Disregard the opinion of the “High Court.”  Let legislatures pass  resolutions stating that their domain rejects the opinion of the Court and shall honor and uphold their own age-old Laws and those of all the states of the nation which hold sodomy to be a crime with its attendant sanctions.

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