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Author of A Time To Kill

Romalis is Dead: Good Riddance


30 January, 2014, Canadian Abortionist Garson Romalis went to meet the Maker of the innocent babies that he spent his life butchering as the Vancouver Sun reported per above in its 3 February issue.  Romalis was one of a small company of Canadian baby killers including Jack Fainman and the most infamous, Bernard Slepian.  The latter, terminated by that excellent disciple of Jesus, James Kopp, was the most famous among these killers. 

Romalis had had a few serious warnings.  On Tuesday, November 8, 1994, he was shot in the thigh through a window in his home.   On 12 July, 2000, he was stabbed by a man in his 20s.   No one was credited, captured, or otherwise “outed” for these deeds.

U.S. Supremes rejected in 2013 a petition to review the “murder” case of anti-abortion rescuer, James Kopp.   He was convicted of murdering Slepian and attempting to do the same to Hugh Short  – both Canadians. There was a blessed flurry of attacks on baby killers in Canada between 1994 and 2000.  

Sadly, the Spirit seems to have forsaken Canada after its pathetic response to the deliverer whom God sent to stay the flow of innocent blood. But we are consoled knowing that He has worked good in the heart of His servant, James Kopp, and we will not cease to honor him for his courage and faithfulness.

Decedent Abortionist Garson Romalis

Below is the report from our sued-out-of-existence quarterly, Capitol Area Christian News, Spring, 1996):

That other Toronto blessing –

How about it? Those canucks are really something. Two wounded in a year! November 8 in ’94 and 10 in ’95. Romalis in the thigh bone; Short in the right elbow. Jingoists that we are, we expect it’s one of our boys (or girls).

Reports from the Toronto Sun say a blonde girl in her late 20s was seen around Abortionist Hugh Short’s Ancaster residence days before the shooting.

Local anti-abortion groups pronounced a decade of non mea culpas, spitting and gnashing their teeth at the slightest insinuation that they would have anything to do with such an unwelcome deed. “It makes our job that much harder,” said James Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition.

Borts blamed the speech of abortion opponents. “Every one of their words is a caress to the terrorists,” said abortuary manager Marcia Corsillo (Toronoto Star, 24 Nov., 1995).

The nation went on special alert. Hamilton police have issued “an unprecedented warning to police forces across the country, urging them to arrange special protection” for abortionists Toronto Star, 14 Nov., 1995).

Sounds like the Russians were coming, or (to be current) the Chinese were bombing L.A. (Now that were a specter. Habakkuk would be impressed.)

Some surmised from the cartridges found in the woods behind the abortionist’s house that the bullet came astray from a hunter’s rifle. Of course he/she was hunting! Varmints, for real!

“Abortion Provider” –

What an excellently perverse euphemism! It refers to the guys who kill babies, for those of you who don’t read. We offer a counter: Protection Provider. It refers to those who kill baby killers. Are we all clear on our terminology?

Now don’t get PP confused with the old PP which we have changed to PB. For those of you who have recently subscribed, that’s Planned Barrenhood.

“O that You would slay the wicked, o God;  Depart from me, therefore, men of bloodshed”  (Psalm 139:19)




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