Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2015

Judging the Judgment on Gunn (CACN June 1993)

We call to account the many “conservative pundits” who condemned the rescue of innocents by means of the termination of the government-approved serial killer, David Gunn.  Their words are quoted handily for the record.  And we present a brief apologetic for the action of Michael Griffin – a deed utterly charitable from the vantage point […]

Those Lingering Postelection Blues (CACN Dec 1992)

The lead articles mourns the election of Clinton.  And to this day (January 2015), I find him the most repulsive man of government in my time.   It is not his leftist politics; it is his personal moral degeneracy which I find to be utterly disgusting. A report on our church (which had been meeting on […]

Taxes and Death (CACN Jun 1992)

[See link below] The June leading article, “Taxes and Death” opines on the ethics of paying taxes, a portion of which goes to butcher children.  The Hyde Amendment provided a salve for the conscience as it proscribed federal tax money from disbursal for abortions.  (State level taxes were not restricted from such perniciousness.)  Such misappropriations […]

Operation Rescue and the Battle for the Soul of America (CACN Dec 1991)

That was the title of the lead article of Capital Area Christian News (Dec. 1991), by Terence Hughes (Professor of Quaternary Studies at the University of Maine).  He recounts his own anti-abortion activism and a recent trip to court in Brookline, Mass.  He pleads with  his materialist scientist comrades who brook no room for consideration of […]

Religious Liberty, Closer to Home (CACN June 1991)

The second issue of Capitol Area Christian News featured a lead article by Reformation Lutheran Church Pastor Michael Colvin.  He criticizes a Prince George’s County proposal to regulate “home churches.”  The primary purpose of the publications was to support the local work of Kip Gannett with Project Rescue. CACN – June 1991

Capitol Area Christian News (Fall, 1996)

Dear Friends, It is the eve of our presidential election.  Many of you are despairing over the fact that we have no “prolife” candidate and that Ahab and Jezebel will likely rule for another quadrennium.  This is justifiable mourning.  What to do?  (Revolution?  Secession? New political parties?)  In this scanty issue (we refer to quantity […]

Allies of the Unborn? (1986)

The attached article was written from prison for Andrew Burnett’s Life Advocate magazine.  As the efforts to rescue the innocents grew more regular and forceful, there were critics from without and within the movement.  Most satisfying in defense of the use of force was the quoting of Ms magazine against their own pro-abort feminists as follows: If [pro-lifers] […]

Dick Hafer Cartoon

Dick Hafer produced some excellent political cartoons.  Most delightful was his collaboration with Cal Thomas and Wayne Stayskal in the production of their Liberals for Lunch paper back (Crossway Books, 1985).  This cartoon appeared in the Prince George’s Journal on 9 March, 1987, half-way through Bray’s jail time.

Two Sides of Abortion Issue Debated – 1985

Bray and coffin 1985-mag-125 In the link above a report on a debate between Dave Coffin of Prison fellowship and Bray appears in the Prince George’s Journal (April 22, 1985).  The issue is that very basic one which forever eludes most who concern themselves with answering questions about he legitimacy of defending innocent babies (of […]

ETS Paper 1993

CoverBrochure p1ETS1993 p2ETS1993 p3ETS1993 p4ETS1993 p5ETS1993 p6ETS1993 p7ETS1993 p8ETS1993 p9ETS1993 p10ETS1993 p11ETS1993 p12ETS1993 The above was submitted to the Evangelical Theological Society in 1993.  I also submitted an essay in 1990, “The Ethics of Operation Rescue” and read it at one of the elective “break out meetings” the annual meeting, held that year in New Orleans.  […]

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