Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Wretched One’s “Do-over”

“Don’t like slavery?” said the slavers
To the abolitionists.  “Don’t have one!”
And so say abortionists to the pro-lifers:
“Don’t like abortion?  Don’t have one!”
‘Tis the retort of flippant perverts who justify
The lie that there is no “image of God”
In the baby: a human being in the womb.
Indeed, the fallen nature of man has not changed;
It is in need of serious repair – even a full remake!
And such a “do-over” occurs in Repentance and Baptism.
There is no way to escape the damnation due you,
But to confess yourself a miserable, wretched sinner.
Got to start over as a brand new Jesus-saved beginner.

1 Dec., 2023 at 0855

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