Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Callin’ Out American Heretics

Whether you’re a Smithy Mormon,
A Watchtower Witness,
A Wierville Wayist,
Or some other American heretic,
Come, rather, to the Triune One.
(Don’t “dis” the Father, Spirit or Son.)
Said don’t dis the triune Maker;
If not your Savior, He’s your Baker!
Abandon foolish heresy;
Come out of your dark misery.
There is light and life in the Truth:
Whether you’re old or in your youth.
Come to the life in the Church
Give up apostatizing “search.”
Get the Son; get it done,
Leaving for you obedience and fun.
The Spirit calls you out,
Neither the Father nor Son to flout.
Deal with some serious business:
Your sins merits damnation!
(Talkin’ about eternal separation
To which some pain is added.)
And nothing satisfies the sentence;
It is an unimaginable expense.
Abandon your false teaching;
In the wrong place you’ve been reading.
(Don’t be some stupid elf.)
No one but God, Himself
Can get you out of your mess,
Lookin’ to Wierville or Smith,
Stuck on some foolish myth.
The Son is not a hair less divine
Than the Father or the Spirit.
All three are divine, the one God.
Get His grace or get the rod.

1450 on 22 Sept., 2023

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