Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Gonna Shave that Head, Legs and Face!

(Isaiah 7:20 and 8:13)

Gonna shave that head, legs and face!
What about the chest, arms and groin?
Well, don’t ya know what’s goin’ on?
Got humiliation comin’ down!
Shavin’ those places all covered;
Bring some disgrace on those mothers
Of sons who want to do wrong
Shavin’ everything but that “dong”!
Oh, it’s a nasty situation
Bringin’ on that humiliation!
Make the Lord your fear and dread
(Let the thought sink into your head)!
Not your pal, not your buddy
(You know your life is cruddy!)
Got to get your “Scheisse zusammen!”*
Long before you know He’s a-comin’.
You know you got to give the weak a peek
Before you go off on your own way and sneak
Some comfort and make yourself carefree,
Traveling’ on the earth or over the sea.

1030 on 28 Oct., 2022

*The German version of our American, “Get your shit together!” – expressed by an abridged expression which, abridged, simply says: “Shit together!”

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