Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Down with the DD

2 Chron 30:7,8

It’s the DDD, ya know what I mean
Down with those Damned Democrats
Nothin’ but pro-abortion rats
Got no moral standing at all
Baby-killers only gonna  fall
As their world collapses on them.
So don’t be a stiff-necked horror
Or a sleazy kind of whore.
With the Lord you got places to go!
He can turn your captors into benefactors
Turn those horse-drawn plows into tractors!
I say walkin’ with the Lord is a deal,
Much better than a lot of free meals;
Deliverance from punishment eternal
Talkin’ ’bout the kind that is infernal
Down there with the devil and his minions
(Only over hell the fiend had dominion.)
Remember Asher, Manasseh and Zebulun;
Some men from those towns were true. (11)
Had a heart from God to see ’em through
Humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem
Took down those nasty incense altars (14)
And threw them in the brook Kidron;
Slaughtered those Passover lambs (15)
Hopin’ to keep from those back-slidin’ jams.
Well, the priest did sprinkle that blood! (16)
No, the mode was not dunkin’ – can’t ya see?
Think on it,  my Baptist or Church o’ Christ blokes
No need to make those converts to choke!

A.m. on 24 Jan., 2022

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