Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Charlottesville and Civil War

17 August, 2017

Much ado is made over whether or not President Trump properly articulated the due condolences following the killing of Heather D. Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia.  My oh my but how the Left gets its knickers in a knot over nothing!  A counter-protester, Miss Heyer,  came out against the KKK et al  as adherents of the same were protesting the destruction of revered monuments.  Those memorials had been erected after the War of Northern Aggression commemorating generals of the Confederate States Army who had defended their country (“the South”) from invasion by the intolerant, morality-imposing Yankees.

The South has my sympathies as does our current nation while it undergoes the judgment for its re-visitation of the same error – the denigration and abuse of a particular class of humanity.  And that puts it mildly.  The North’s collaboration in nineteenth century slave trading and the corrupt cotton industry (corrupt by its dependence upon man-stealing) was a participation in the dehumanization, degradation, abuse, and murder of innocents.  So judgment did come upon the white “freedom-loving” South which, by all other standards of morality, was home to an excellent  citizenry:  industrious, hard-working, thrifty, charitable, and God-fearing. And judgment came upon the North by its loss of many citizens in the war.   All this was well recounted in Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.  But how much greater is the judgment to come upon a forgetful nation which permits the murder now – inclusive of all races – by abortion?

At the risk of being dubbed a “hater,” let me declare my hatred for baby-killers along with racists.  We are bidden by God, indeed, to hate evildoers.  The trick is to discern evil from good, so that a proper fix upon the evil to be hated can be achieved.  The current and long-enduring evil that must be hated is legalized baby-killing.  44 years of it and counting.

So, for how many years did the Almighty put up with slavery in America, the land of the free?  250 years?

My oh my but  He is forbearing!  And how long may He permit an even greater crime?  (We are talking about flagrant, unadulterated murder, here.)  Even that which is legalized (albeit imposed by) the Court and tolerated by the States and the people.  (No apology to black liberals who despise the connection between slavery and abortion.  Repent. Get over it and get with it.  In fact, the murder of innocents is worse crime than the enslavement of adults.)

How many years will the Almighty allow to pass before He brings judgment?  Half as long as He forbore manstealing and slavery?  A quarter of the time?

How much worse is murder than manstealing?

Much worse, indeed.  44 years of shedding innocent blood is a long time.

When does His Mercy become Wicked Tolerance?

Never.   He will bring just judgment before He becomes guilty of the sin of tolerance of evil.

When it is all worked out on the scales of Divine weights and assessments, judgment will come in living color and it won’t be pretty.  And should it come by war, I cannot abjure my sons to take up arms to defend this damned nation.

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