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The Kermit Gosnell Protection Act of 2016

Terence J. Hughes
Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change
17 July, 2016

The Kermit Gosnell Protection Act, masquerading as Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, is the latest usurpation of legislative authority by the United States Supreme Court. John Hellerstedt, M.D., is Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services. He has specialized in health care for children and in 2007 he was named Texan Pediatric Society Child Advocate of the Year when he was Chief Medical Officer of the Seton Family of Hospitals, a Catholic non-profit health care system founded in 1902 by the Daughters of Charity. Dr. Hellerstedt was named as plaintiff in view of his advocacy for House Bill 2 enacted into law in 2013, in the wake of horrors exposed in the abortion charnel house operated by Gosnell in Philadelphia for many years, with no inspections by the Pennsylvania Department of Health despite numerous unending complaints, including 46 lawsuits filed against Gosnell spanning 32 years, and his ongoing violations of several State laws. Both Democrat and Republican (under Tom Ridge as Governor) administrations turned a blind eye to these reports. At $1600 to $3000 per late-term abortion, with poorly-paid unlicensed and untrained assistants, Gosnell became a multi-millionaire.

Gosnell purposely “aborted” babies alive and then twisted their heads off. This was exposed by accident during an FBI and State Police raid on his Women’s Medical Society charnel house, seeking evidence for illegal drug trafficking. What Gosnell did with these dead babies wasn’t investigated, but in 2015 David Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress documented by undercover videos a thriving business in organ harvesting from aborted babies exists nationwide, especially by Planned Parenthood, with the highest prices going for organs from babies aborted alive and then murdered, after they were officially United States citizens protected by the U.S. Constitution. Gosnell was convicted in 2013 for murdering only three of these children (and one woman he aborted) but the actual uncounted number probably runs into the hundreds.

What wasn’t reported by the liberal pro-abortion major media is Gosnell operated in a Black neighborhood of Philadelphia, perhaps because selling organs of Black babies aborted alive would awaken memories of a time when Black human flesh was routinely sold to the highest bidders on slave auction blocks in the antebellum South. Planned Parenthood operates these “slave auctions” selling human flesh to the highest bidders nationwide today, locating 79 percent of its abortion auction houses in inner-city Black and Hispanic neighborhoods, as documented by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of PP. Gosnell himself is “Black” but has a very light complexion.

The officers conducting the raid on Gosnell’s charnel house reported being overcome by the stench and filth inside, the place was overrun by cats feeding on “products of conception,” rusting and unsanitary medical equipment abounded, the Emergency Exit door was padlocked, and Gosnell’s large collection of aborted-baby feet was stored in jars all over the place. Had they gone up to the second floor, they would have seen a spotless facility, elegantly furnished, with soothing music piped into rooms where women waited for or were recovering from abortions. This was where Gosnell “served” the few White women seeking abortions.

Citing invisible “emanations from the penumbra” surrounding the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 9 to 2 in 1973 that the entire next generation of Americans could be killed by abortion for any or no reason. The official justification was to secure “reproductive rights” for women, but Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg stated in an interview for the New York Times Magazine in 2009 the real reason was eliminating “populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” Kermit Gosnell, take a bow. In his dissenting opinion, Justice Byron White, condemned this Roe v. Wade ruling as “raw judicial power” not authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

Supreme Court Justices “making laws” our Constitution assigned to the Legislative Branch of Government, and by the people directly in state-wide referenda, has now become routine. Roe moved the “back-alley butchers” onto Main Street, U.S.A., providing these serial murderers with full protection by the law. The 2016 Hellerstedt 5 to 3 ruling declared even minimal protection for women seeking abortions was un-Constitutional. The Kermit Gosnells in America are now exempt from health and safety standards required for physicians operating ambulatory surgical centers but not engaged in abortions, and who must have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. Now abortionists are exempt from all this. They can operate their high-profit unregulated murder machines without interference, even when they botch an abortion and the woman needs emergency medical treatment available only in hospitals. To Hell with her, the Supreme Court says.

Ginzberg was right. Abortion is not about freeing and protecting women. Not at all. It’s all about freeing and protecting abortionists so they can get rid of “populations we don’t want to have too many of.” And who are these populations? Just look where most abortion “clinics” are located: first, in Black neighborhoods, second in Hispanic neighborhoods. Four-out-of five of them in the case of Planned Parenthood. It’s not just the Judicial branch engaged in aborting Black babies. Legislative and Executive branches are as well, giving well over a half-billion taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood annually, with generous increases every year. Planned Parenthood foundress, Margaret Sanger, unveiled her “Negro Project” in a private letter to Clarence Gamble of Procter and Gamble, one of her wealthy patrons: “We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Page 223 in Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon, Grossman Publishers, New York, 1976. So is the whole Federal Government engaged in executing Sanger’s Negro Project?

Who are these “Negro ministers” today? We can begin by naming Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and go on from there. The list is endless. All are militantly pro-abortion and all are Democrats, the historical Party of Slavery and the Party of Abortion today. They all know Planned Parenthood targets Black babies for abortion, “populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” Who would Margaret want backing her Negro Project even more than a “Negro” minister? How about a “Negro” President of the United States? Barack Obama, take a bow; a bow to Margaret Sanger, a bow to Kermit Gosnell, a bow to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a bow to the U.S. Supreme Court, and a bow to Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the Kermit Gosnell Protection Act of 2016.

Fort Pierre, South Dakota, 17 July 2016

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