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The Faces of 2 Antiabortionists

Posted 3 July, 2015

Washington Post (3 December, 1991)

The article by that title on the front page of the Metro section of the Washington Post is cut and scanned per below in four sections. It features two pictures: one of Michael and another of Jayne holding 5-week old Perseverance.  (Beseda, the article notes, was “freshly nursed.”)

“The Bowie living room fairly hums with the family’s happiness.  And that makes the argument that Jayne and Michael Bray are advancing seem all the more chilling,” says staff writer, Jim Naughton.

Naughton cites Bray’s rhetorical question:

“Is there a legitimate use of force on behalf of the unborn?  I say yes, it is justified to destroy the [abortion] facilities.  And yes, it is justified to – what kind of word shall I use here?”

“Well, they use ‘terminate a pregnancy,” Jayne Bray says.

“Yeah, terminate an abortionist,” he says.

The usual arguments for the full humanity of the womb children are presented in the article in addition to biographical information and reporting on the progress of the anti-abortion movement.  Perhaps, as with the antebellum U.S., we will have abortion-free states in the effort to avoid national destruction.

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