Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

June, 2022

The Land is Bereft!

Oh, the land these days is bereft Of the sound of bullets left In the flesh of those butcherers Who slaughter those innocent infants! Let that bang again be heard Putting an end the absurd, Legalized murder of the helpless; Make a rope for them a necklace Who practice murder with liberty Bringing blood-guilt on […]

The Stupidity of the Sinner

Laws are a bitch to the Lawless; Bunch o’ trouble gettin’ in the way. “Don’t bother me with what you say!” Say the Lawless to the ones Tryin’ to show ’em the light o’ day, The way of God out o’ the fray. All the wandering through the muck, Go those folks not giving even […]

Maryland!  Yuk!

(Go around that state!)             Glad we left and hope to keep returns at a minimum.  One may suppose that it is infected by its proximity to decadent, left-wing D.C.   Upon return from a visit to my parents, we received a speeding ticket in the mail from Maryland authorities complete with a traffic photo of […]

Bottles on the Bookcase

Those bottles sitting on a bookcase With a knife from Takur and Sunil, Refugees from the East Whom we met in Germany Looking for peace in the West Taken in by a fellow from the base. Col. Lembers had given them a place; He found them while they made the art Providing them shelter and […]

You Made a Way!

You made a way where there was no way: Blew those clinics, shutting the mouths of cynics. Oh what a wonderful God You are, Keeping us strong and out of the tar Found on the streets and in the bar In many-a place near and far. We are clean as we cling to You Who […]

Beseda, Brockhoeft, and Bray

Beseda, Brockhoeft and Bray Blew those “clinics” away! At least that’s what the courts do say. Each enjoyed his own glorious day: Convicted, deeds brought to public light Testimonies to what is good and right. Saving babies by any means necessary Can sometimes bring on the “scary”: Police, judges, courts, and jail – None of […]

The Trinity and a Knife

The Trinity and a knife And those empty bottles of beer Sitting atop my bookcase Reminds us all that we got no fear! He beat that devil; kicked his ass. Only thing he can do now is harass! Yeah, he got whooped and must comply Doing God’s will even on the sly. It’s a fine […]

Something is Going On

https://www.lifenews.com/2022/06/13/abortion-activists-firebomb-another-pro-life-pregnancy-center-fourth-bombing-in-weeks/ We, the people of God, did not do what we could have done to shut down the abortuaries in this country.  Yes, as no other institution, we provided what were called “crisis pregnancy centers” – now “women’s centers” – or the like.  These alternative “choices” provided women with assistance in changing their minds about […]

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