Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

U.S. vs. Christendom

Capitol Area Christian News
Spring, 1999

Title of a recent article by Free Congress Foundation’s director of Center for Cultural Conservatism, Bill Lind.

Though apostate, we are a Christian culture. Our money says “In God We Trust” and our military grave yards are full of crosses, not stars of David or crescents. Yet “the U.S. government is siding with Moslems against Christians. The place is again the Balkans, where we are supporting the Islamic Albanians’ grab for Kosovo, the historic heartland of the Christian Serbs.”

Lind notes that we did the same in Bosnia. And in Africa, “where thousands of Christians have been martyred at the hands of Islamics, our government has maintained a careful silence. The same is true in Indonesia, where much of the recent rioting has been directed against Christians.” But how about Saudi Arabia, where we bend over backwards to keep favor? In this country, where converts to Christianity from Islam are beheaded, our State Department has “banned Christian religious services at the U.S. consulate in Jeddah. Those services had given American citizens in Saudi Arabia a place to worship. All Christian services are illegal in Saudi Arabia.”

Objection! Foreign Service officer, Timothy Hunter, protested the action and was promptly dismissed for the official reason that he had not “absorbed the Foreign Service culture.” (He has filed a suit.)

In the meantime, this same U.S. consulate, which had just shut down services for Roman Catholics, Mormons, and Protestants, offers Islamic service five times a day!

“Cultural treason” cries Lind. “Just as the State Department was full of Marxists in the early days of the Cold War. . . so now it is full of ‘multiculturalists.’”

Of course the problem is not solely that of the State Department. On the front page of the Washington Times (13 May) is an article from the Austin American-Statesman reporting on the fact that “The Army recognizes the neo-pagan Wicca as a legitimate faith, according it the respect it accords Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.” The report out of Killeen, Texas says “More than 40 witches, male and female, celebrated the Rite of Spring at Fort Hood on March 20.” Fort Hood is the largest post of the U.S. Army and its top chaplains “are considered the military’s experts on the religion, fielding calls from base chaplains and even the chief chaplain’s office at the Pentagon.

“The Fort Hood chaplain’s office keeps a packet of information to mail to inquiring minds, says Lt. Col. Donald Troyer, a chaplain who oversees the post’s Wiccan group, called Fort Hood Open Circle.” No doubt all is done in order and all are welcome to join in the fun and be witches.

But what do these faithful believe? What is their doctrine that, one would suppose, would guide their allegiance and behavior? “The robed high priestess turns her back to the fire, faces a makeshift altar and blesses the essentials of life: water, bread and salt” goes the report on the celebration of the vernal equinox on the base. Then, says the priestess, “Great goddess Freya, bless this creature of the Earth to your service” as she places her shiny dagge over a small bowl of salt. Then, “May we always honor the blessed Earth.”

The congregation responds: “Great Freya be you adored.”

And what shall happen when these Freya worshippers who adore Earth do when they find themselves at odds with those who worship God and obey the Biblical mandate to subject the earth to man’s dominion? Shall these heathen defend the earth and harm those who “rape” it? How shall there by unity in a country where multiculturalism/polytheism reigns.

How can two walk together who don’t agree? Is there agreement among the multiculturalists that polytheism is a doable civil policy? (Let them look to Serbia, Rwanda, Indonesia, Palestine, and a myriad other examples either contemporary or historical.) It is not what our country sprung from.

But have the polytheists supplanted our formerly monotheistic/Christian society (as expressed in the various early state constitutions)?

Sadly, via the courts, this is the case. A rash leap into a new fragmentation which leads only to the rejection of all the gods (a la the communist systems of this century) and the enthronement of the rule of Lawless Man. And that rule is mediated through dictators or transitory electorates, or legislatures, or oligarchical judiciaries. They are all the same without the foundation of God’s Law. And they are, then, Lawless.

But back to our Wiccans. How many American soldiers have laid down their lives for the principles of Freya? How many have been inspired by Freya to love their country and even die for the preservation of it?

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