Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“Homophobe”?  Hell no!  A “Misofag,” Maybe

8 January, 2019



That’s right, baby.  If you want to call Law-honoring opponents of the current rampant, national and degenerate “homomania” something, you may call us “misofags” rather than “homophobes.”  We don’t fear homos; rather, we hate (unrepentant) sinners.  (And yes, it isn’t just the sin which God hates and sends to hell, but the sinner, himself; so one might say we hate the sinner, as He does.)

Kevin Hart, the would-be host of this year’s Oscars awards gig was assailed by the nation’s guardian of morality – Hollywood – for casual quips uttered by his very lips -long ago – which indicated disapproval of sodomy.  Horrors!  But he has dutifully (as it were)  and zealously begged forgiveness, genuflecting before those hallowed Hollywood halls, presided over, apparently, by Queen DeGeneres.   She has graciously pronounced him cleansed of all his former misapprehensions and derogations uttered against the glory and wonder of “same sex” blissfulness.

Come on, Hart!  Do you really need to bow down and paw before these queens of queerness?  Does Ellen Degenerate run your life?  Return to the straight path you must have heard something about back in Sunday School.  The Law is good.  God is good.  Just say NO to sodomy!  Don’t bow to the audacious, foolish, vertiginous acclamations of the hollow, Hollywooden-headed, hooligans.

Turn from (lethal-indeed!) sin, a.k.a. rebellious Lawlessness and insolent disdain for God’s Word.  Be healed.  Be saved from the certain wrath to come.

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