Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

No Taxation without Cessation

. . . of Baby Murder

2 June, 2017

How does a legitimate government tolerate the murder of innocents?

How does a legitimate government take tax money and pay for the murder of innocent without resistance from the citizens?

Why do you continue to honor and support such authority?

These are the questions that need to be answered in order for anyone who expects to continue his citizenship in the United States and pay due taxes to support such a government.  He cannot in good conscience continue to pay for crimes against humanity even though a benighted Christian generation has been paying such for 44 years.

These are revolutionary questions.  And they go to the heart of our national claim to be a nation of law and order with  liberty and justice for all.  There is no liberty for those in the womb and there is no justice for those who defend them. But there is damnation aplenty  for those who have raised neither their voices nor their fists for the deliverance of the innocents.

Taxation was the target of our forefathers who fought not for such a high cause as the right to life but waged a war over the claim for participation in their destiny through a representative form of government.  Something comparatively trivial – manner of rule – was the issue.  Nothing to do with life and grave injustices to humanity.  They wanted political relief.  There was no holocaust, no innocent lives were being taken.

States’ rights was the issue in our War between the States.  The “War of Northern Aggression” was indeed a war for the authority of the federal government over the states.  Liberty for black slaves was a benefit in the long run, evolving albeit through a segregated society over after many years.

In a century the benefits of political liberty – the sovereignty (and freedom) of the states – has been lost as authority has been centralized in the federal government.  Lost is the Law (of God).  There is no clearer an illustration of the blatant usurpation of authority than that assumed by federal government’s judicial branch in what is known as the Roe v. Wade “decision.”

Decree is the more accurate term.  Or, to borrow a term from the then-contemporary rival country, the “Godless communist Soviet Union” –  a “ukase.”  The laws of all 50 states were abolished by the stroke of a pen.  Our Court czars overthrew States Rights and the power of the presumably balanced federal government was consolidated in the Supreme Court which is now our final authority inasmuch as the other branches have bowed in abject submission unequivocally – yes,  even to the most absurd and blasphemous judgments.

Refuse taxation?  Revolt?

Never in our history were there better grounds.

– Michael Bray

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