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Justice for Jennifer

Posted on 13 March 2017

9 November, 1996
Bowie, Maryland

Dear Editor:  An update on the prosecution of a 25-year-old mother of four.  Jennifer Sperle aborted her first child when she was 16.  She tried desperately to stop other women from doing the same thing.  She is to be sentenced on 10 February in Norfolk.  The jailing of Mrs. Sperle appears to be the one prize Reno’s VAACON task force has to show for its multi-million dollar investigation.

I must confess to feelings of ambivalence following the shameful re-election.  On the one hand, I think impeachment proceedings will provide excellent theater.  On the other,  I tire of seeing Clinton’s  mug everyday in the morning paper.   His visage evokes quotidian indignations for which I must constantly, through sundry ablutions and earnest supplications, seek the special sanctifying grace of God in order to utter holy rather than ungodly imprecations.  Alas, no relief was to be had.  Ahab is returned to office and the show goes on.

Of all the scandals, I particularly enjoyed the latest (as of election eve) regarding illegal campaign contributions. Although the media/dems purport that he spells better than Mr. Quayle, E Pluribus-Al seems to have low reading comprehension.  He hasn’t been heard from much since his fellow traveler, the Unabomber, was caught, but he surfaced in late October at a Buddhist temple to gather DNC contributions.  He “didn’t know” he was in the temple when he picked up a check for $140,000, (which mystery a reading comprehension disability might explain). Of course, as NR again observes:  “Contributions from tax-exempt organizations are illegal, so it helps not to notice the incense, saffron robes, shaved heads, and gongs when collecting from priests who have taken a vow of poverty.”

Prevarication –  pure and simple.  But in this age of cyberspace communication we really need an updated term.  We offer the neologism “clintocate.”  It has the ring of “prevaricate” with its standard definition at its root, but there is a special additional aspect to a clintocation.  To clintocate is not just to lie, but “to lie boldly, shamelessly, and with the assumption that honor will follow.”  But regardless of the reception the world gives my turn-of-the-century term, let us consider some of the ramifications of the successful use of clintocating in our time.

Many Life Advocate readers have contemplated Bill Clinton as Abortion Rights Commander-in-chief, his other character traits – adulterer, dope sniffer (or smoker, whatever), swindler, sodomy promoter, draft-dodger, etc. – inducing lesser revulsion.    I would draw our attention to the President as liar.   The Commander supplies a profusion of evidence to substantiate the charges inasmuch as he speaks in some public forum almost daily.  Much commentary has been written on the subject, but National Review editor John O’Sullivan recently summed up the matter succinctly:

He stands for nothing for long, and for anything for a time.  He breaks his word to allies (the welfare lobby, gay activists, liberals) and to opponents (Republicans in the budget negotiations) with equal facility.  He is so unreliable that he occasionally keeps his word in order to prevent our betting on certainty.  Such a man should not be President of the United States.

Quite a fine summary until the last sentence.  We take issue with Mr. O’Sullivan on this one,  believing that such a man befits a people who seem to be attracted to lies.  The American people are flattered so regularly by their sycophant politicians that they apparently believe the lies after hearing them so much.  It is as if the Almighty gives the people the rulers they deserve sometimes.

The fact that the President could actually campaign on Christian radio with the expectation that he could woo Christians to vote for him is testimony to somebody’s lack of savvy.  (Hint: It is not Clinton who lacks the ability to deceive?)   On the pretext that he “defended our values” and “wants a complete ban on late-term abortions, except when the mother’s life is in danger or faces severe health risks,”  he sought the vote of Christians.   Shamelessly, this President who has worked hard to make the world safe for sodomy went on to proclaim to Christians on radio stations all over the country that “The president signed the Defense of Marriage Act.”

Most obscene is the fact that it was not Christian listeners who drove these commercials  off  the airwaves;  it was the influence of several homosexual organizations which pressured their catamite, boy Clinton,  wondering “why  the administration was forsaking them in search of the Christian vote” (Washington Times, 16 Oct.).

The fact is that the ignoble American people, including a fair portion of evangelical population, seem to have chosen mammon over God  ¾  and lies over truth.   We flatter ourselves when we think of Clinton as a shrewd politician.  Closer to the hard but profound truth is the fact that we are a base people which rejects truth and embraces liars.

When the wicked rule, the righteous mourn, as the biblical proverb says.  Corruption goes, of course, beyond simple money scandals.  Last year we witnessed the extraordinary expenditure of  federal resources in  VAAPCON (a.k.a. CRAPCON  by agents assigned to work on this pet project of Janet Nero) investigation involving the subpoenaed appearance of about a hundred Christians to grand juries in Alexandria and Norfolk.   The multi-million dollar investigation generated “guilty” pleas from Clark Ryan Martin and Jennifer Patterson Sperle, each 24 years old, stemming from about $800 dollars worth of damage at two abortuaries. Both face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.  Mrs. Sperle entered her plea on 4 November and is scheduled for sentencing on 10 Feb. We don’t know whether these jailings will satisfy this administration’s hunger for prolife scalps. Reno’s boys (and girls),  stinging from their failure to prosecute a ring of conspirators, are themselves conspiring to pressure Mrs. Sperle to “cooperate” and deliver up other “conspirators” for them to jail in exchange for a lenient sentence.

The zeal with which this government investigates and hunts down pro-natalist Christians is commensurate with the policy it follows in providing special protection to abortion industry profiteers.  Mrs. Sperle has been living in Wichita, Kansas with her husband after moving there from Norfolk a couple years ago.  She has continued to go out onto the street regularly with other Christians to dissuade women from committing abortion.  (She has impressed indelibly upon her mind the memory of her own abortion at age 16.) The particular abortuary she visits is owned by that infamous late term pregnancy terminator known among activists as Tiller the Killer. This is the arch-abortionist who was shot in both elbows by Shelley Shannon.   Mr. Tiller’s abortuary is outfitted with a crematorium in which he incinerates the remains of the babies he terminates.  Mrs. Sperle reports that Tiller is escorted daily to and from the abortuary by a federal marshal who follows him in another vehicle.   Recently,  reports Mrs. Sperle, a  fellow female activist was preaching  enthusiastically outside.  The following day when the activists arrived as usual they observed the usual marshal following the Killer.  But extra troops had been summoned by the frightened man.  There were five marshals waiting at the gate as the Killer drove up with  his escort in tow.

Ironically, on 4  November, the day Mrs. Sperle entered her plea before Judge Jackson, the Washington Times featured a front page story about an 84-year-old retired school teacher living in D.C.  who had been beaten on several different occasions by a suspected cocaine addict who had broken into her house.   She suffered for a period of “eight months and 18 days repeated break-ins and beatings by a man who took her money, personal papers and other valuables.”   The first attack and robbery took place on Oct. 16, 1995 when the “attacker forcibly entered her house . . . tied her up, beat her and threw her into a closet.  On another occasion the intruder dragged her up and down the stairs with a phone cord wrapped around her neck.   That left her using a cane.  He beat her so severely another time that he broke bones around her eyes, hospitalizing her.”

She identified a convicted thief, one Samuel Newson, 31, as her assailant in a line up.  He was arrested and charged with burglary on 17 October.  Although the convict was on probation for theft and destruction of property, he was released from jail after two weeks.  Not enough evidence to prosecute, according U.S. Attorney Eric Holder Jr., a Clinton appointee.   Detective Trevor Hewick, the investigator in charge of the case, accuses the prosecutor of “going soft.”  He says Holder could have urged the judge to revoke probation, forcing Newson to remain in prison.  Hewick says he has recovered clothes belonging to Newson and “needed six weeks to obtain forensic samples such as hair, and strengthen his case.”

Holder’s excuse is that there wasn’t enough evidence.  But he is a strong candidate for mayor;   therefore, we don’t know whether or not he is clintocating (the old woman is white in a 90% black town).  For that matter, we also don’t know whether or not Mr. Holder is a sodomite (again, we note his being a Clinton appointee) or whether or not the assailants suffer the same moral handicap and therefore have certain prejudicial feelings for one another.

The show goes on.  The wheels of justice grind over citizens seeking to protect the weakest of our society while they give a free ride to hired childkillers.  There may be a way to finesse some justice for the old retired school teacher.  She could be housed in an abortuary, one of the safest places in the country for born people.  There is none for Jennifer Sperle and those she has tried to protect.

Justice may be a long time coming.  In the meantime, we must not fail to continue to proclaim the truth:  The children in the womb are human enough to be worthy of defensive action.  Those who intervene to protect them from death – especially at great cost – do a good and noble thing.  We will honor them again on 21 January in Washington D.C. at the Second Annual White Rose Banquet.

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