Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Tom Condit at Women Betrayed Rally in Cincinnati, 28 July, 2015 at Planned Parenthood

See the video here:

He begins with apologies for his profession: “It is its twisted lawyers and its twisted judges which got us here.”

One of his favorites scenes from the film industry, he recounts, comes out of  “The Exorcist.”  There is a scene where the  priest somberly warns those who are contending with the demon that they are not dealing with.  Conversations with the demon ought to be minimal because “the demon is a liar.”  The first great achievement of this liar was to convince people that God does not exist.   And turning to the point, he says of Planned Parenthood, “the demon”:   “the second great PR job accomplished by the devil  was to convince people that Planned Parenthood helps women.”  [Pause for applause]

He exhorted the audience to appropriate accurate terminology in engaging in the “battle of  the words.”  He said:

Too often we talk the way they want us to talk. We use words like “abortion doctor” and “abortion provider.”

“Abortionist” is a neutral word which quite simply “says what someone does, like an organist or a dentist, or . . . an abortionist,”  he said.  “But abortionists hate that word.  Judges hate  it.  Attorney’s hate reading it in briefs.  They scowl at this.  They think it is an extreme word.”  On the contrary, he signifies by expression, “It is a very neutral word.”

(And Tom Condit know this, having no equal in the land as a writer of  legal briefs and advocate before judges in behalf of activists across the country who have been dragged into court for their anti-abortion efforts.)

“It simply says what abortionist do,” he continued.  And that is foul and filthy. . .We need to start using that word.”  And he affirmed that such a word is quite neutral as well as true and accurate.

“But, quite frankly, we need to up the ante beyond that . . . We need to recapture the Faith by using the right words and I am here to tell you the right words.  These people [pointing back to the Planned Parenthood facility behind him with a dozen of their workers/supporters dressed in their pink shirts carrying their signs whining about their need for money] are contract killers.”

To which there followed applause and my voice, with camera rolling, yelling out, “Yeah! Murderers! Filthy murderers.”

Dr. Condit continued sternly and evenly:  “Mafia hit men.” And pointing behind himself with his thumb extended and forearm arching back and forth with his eyes straight ahead fixed on the crowd, he enunciated:  “These people take money to kill people.”

The crowd clapped and I joined in the same jubilation upon hearing such truth so rarely uttered in public with a loudly audible, “Filthy Murderers!”  How good it felt to hear the truth spoken in a public gathering on the streets.  And how seldom is it proclaimed before a crowd in the out loud for all who will to exult in.

And he went on. “But they are worse than the Mafia hit men (their hits usually involve bad guys). These contract killers kill the innocent.  And we need to highlight that.  And we need to talk even more extreme than that to recapture the ground . We need to have an American version of the Nuremberg Trials . . . crimes against humanity.”

He went on: “The people who work here,” pointing his thumb behind him, “the people who work in abortion clinics around the country” ought to be made to feel guilty and fearful so  that they have dreams of  their abortionists practitioners “hanging by their necks after a fair trial.”

“So let us recapture the debate by speaking the Truth.  And the Truth is harsh;   it may not sound civil, but that we must not back away from the Truth.   God bless you all.”

I was, of course, well pleased to hear such a clear declaration of truth  not only from an American lawyer, but my own  –  and a most beloved friend.  Oh, it felt good.  Wish you were there.

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