Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

My Army of God Manual and Army Snipers

Michael Bray
Live Advocate Magazine
November, 1995

My Army of God Manual and Army Snipers

Our federal government has shown increased interest in saving abortionists from extinction. Although they have not yet been placed on the endangered species list, abortionists have declined remarkably in numbers in recent years. Authorities have grave concerns about their viability in the present environment. Having participated in a recent federal hearing on this matter, I am filing the following report. First, a message to all you coverts:

On 26 September I participated in a spiritual retreat at the federal court house in Alexandria, Virginia on the edge of Fed City. Don Treshman, Debbie Drapkin, Andrew Cabot and I were the special September guests of the retreat leaders – Brothers Burrows and Kowalski. The federal grand jury which has been hosting these monthly gatherings for eleven months is conducted by Janet Nero’s Task Force for the Preservation of Abortionists under the guidance of the whip-like tongues of Bella, Eleanor and sundry friends of Hillary. The Justice Department’s Task Force takes its orientation from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Abortionists. Participants are invited to share all that they know about people who might be plotting cruelty to abortionists. Expenses for all guests are paid. Such accommodations along with the pleasant manners of the hosts provided an atmosphere of peace and harmony. One could almost hear the music of the President on the sax and Janet on the fiddle.

No one was in the mood to share anything. We just kept drinking fifths enjoying ourselves, and feeling kind of private. Yet the brothers were quite excited about having fellowship with us. In fact, they were so anxious to hear about Don’s life that they insisted on invading his privacy and required him to tell them all he knew! They sanctified him with immunity and compelled him to have fellowship with them. Then these brothers got kind of rude with Don. They called him a prevaricator and other names. The next day Brother Burrows called up Debbie Drapkin and threatened to sanctify her at the retreat next month.

(Here ends our covert message to all conspirators in the anti-choice movement. We now proceed with a report to you regulars.)

I do want to reveal exclusively to you dear Life Advocate readers the answers to the questions that I denied the inquisitors at the grand jury hearing. Here they are: 1) Yes, I am a pastor; 2) Yes, I have written a book which advises that it is not good to have fellowship with some prosecutors, 3) Yes, I love Shelley Shannon, pray for her, and correspond with her, 4) No, I did not dispose of my copy of “The Army of God Manual.” (These guys must be crazy.)

In compliance with the command of the subpoena to bring “all documents referring to that manual,” I brought them an excellent copy of Capital Area Christian News (Time for a commercial: you may subscribe for the astoundingly low rate of five bucks a year at 2927 Tarragon Lane, Bowie, MD 20715) – the Winter 1994 issue in which we furtively provided an incriminating book review of “the Army of God Manual.” With great apprehension I presented the document to Mr. Kowalski, who carefully placed an official identifying sticker on the front page. I was worried that the Task Force for the Preservation of Abortionists would not return my penultimate copy of that particularly popular issue. Only one copy remains in my possession now, because the heartless Mr. Kowalski denied my request to simply make copies for his own and the jurors’ enjoyment and return to me the original.

But what did I do with my copy of “The Army of God Manual”? Well, “the manual” is great entertainment. (And here’s a tip. You folks who still have copies out there should not let them go for a small price. The feds keep taking them from activists without paying for them (Yes, we’re talking about theft!). No compensation! We would estimate a fair market price to be about $100. But the feds have lots of Task Force money. We estimate that they would pay at least $500. ) It provides all kinds of jokes and inspiration for folks who really want to stop abortion. The book is a tautology of those dirty tricks books available in places like BOHICA Concepts at Box 546, Dept. Lab, Randal, WA 98377. Indeed, it is the style of writing – the wit and charm – which attracts the discriminating reader.

So, what did I do with my copy of “the Manual”? Ah yes. I shall reveal it to you. Be patient. As the son of a career naval officer – a U.S. Naval Academy graduate; and as one who was himself appointed as a midshipmen to Annapolis (entering as a plebe in 1970, though remaining for merely a year), I am blessed with military friends! Now, our military has much better literature on violence than what one reads in those disgusting dirty tricks books. Some of my friends in the Service were sharing with me about a great little manual produced by the Department of the Army entitled SNIPER Training and Employment (TC 23-14, June 1989). I am short on shelf space so rather than accrue an excess of literature of the same genre, I traded my “the Army of God Manual” for the Army’s SNIPER Training and Employment.

And is it uplifting! There are some exciting concepts such as that stated under “Mission”:

The importance of the sniper cannot be measured simply by the number of casualties he inflicts upon the enemy. Realization of the sniper’s presence instills fear in enemy troop elements and influences their decisions and actions.

This is very encouraging. The U.S. Army manual advises that even without anyone actually taking sniper-like action against targets (abortionsts, for example) the very presence of sniper-minded people serves to instill fear in those who take it upon themselves to slaughter babies. The fact that 3% of the population believes that lethal action against abortionists is justifiable (according to a CNN pole taken in August of 1994) probably “instills fear” enough to influence the potential targets to make life-preserving decisions. This is good news concerning the salvation of abortionists. The fear of the sniper can influence him to consider the end of his life and the judgment to come. Such fear can lead the abortionist to cease killing babies and repent unto salvation!

The U.S. Army manual further states:

“the sniper must be capable of calmly and deliberately killing targets that may not pose an immediate threat to him.. it is much easier to kill in self-defense or in the defense of others than it is to kill without apparent provocation. The sniper must not be susceptible to emotions such as anxiety or remorse.”

Moreover, the candidate for the job of sniper must not be motivated for personal glory. Rather he must be “capable of the cold rationality that the sniper’s job requires.”

There just isn’t too much I can say about the emotional state of the Army’s snipers. I really don’t know any personally. It certainly must be a lonely job. But it seems that there are a lot of cold-hearted American citizens out there, which means that the potential for snipers to be operative might be higher than one might think. And, once again, this bodes well for the salvation of abortionists.

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